CUBEX® LLC MedBank™ Solutions Releases Significant Software Enhancement Providing Greater Security for Controlled Substance Access and Administration

PHOENIX, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — CUBEX LLC’s MedBank™ Solutions, a leading provider of first dose and emergency medication technology, today announced a significant software enhancement to its cloud-based workflow solution, introducing new functionality that enables a two-way, verification alert process for the validation of controlled substances dispensed from MedBank automated dispensing cabinets. 

Serving a crucial role in the care continuum, closed-door pharmacies are facing increased pressure to ensure medication availability and safety to long-term care customers. The new functionality, RxVerify, drives time savings for closed-door pharmacies and long-term care facilities by increasing workflow efficiency, improving medication availability and ensuring regulatory safety and compliance. 

The RxVerify feature tightens security and streamlines the approval process by giving the pharmacy enhanced control over controlled substance access and administration. With the simple touch of a button at the cabinet in the LTC facility, an approval request is sent via text or email to the pharmacy. Upon pharmacy approval, a unique validation code automatically populates the patient’s profile at the cabinet.  Whereby, the nurse is immediately notified of the approval, via text or email, without ever having to call the pharmacy.  An alert is also posted on the cabinet so that any nurse attending to the patient can access the medication.

“Our goal for RxVerify is simple – to provide a timely, secure, and efficient medication verification process that allows pharmacists and clinicians to remain focused on delivering quality patient care,” said Michael Boivin, President of MedBank Solutions. “This new enhancement ensures patient safety and regulatory compliance while reducing the administrative burden for pharmacies and care facilities.”

RxVerify is available now. Contact [email protected] for more information.

About CUBEX® LLC MedBank Medical Solutions

MedBank Medical Solutions is a leading provider of innovative health care automation and cloud-based business intelligence solutions that enable institutional pharmacies and alternative healthcare providers to improve medication care, cost and compliance. Through their closed-loop ecosystem, which includes seamless integration with Electronic Medical Records and Pharmacy Information Management Systems, MedBank empowers healthcare facilities to improve medication availability of emergent medications, thus increasing regulatory compliance. More information can be found at

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