Innovega Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign with Crowdfunder

BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Innovega Inc., a company engaged in developing stylish, lightweight, wearable display technology with a panoramic field of view for virtual and augmented reality, launched an equity crowdfunding round with Crowdfunder, a leader in funding high-growth ventures. Funds will be earmarked to move Innovega’s eMacula  toward commercial launch.

Innovega’s eMacula is a wearable display system that includes patented disposable soft contact lenses (“smart lenses”) and a range of display eyewear (“smart glasses”). This combination system meets wearers’ parallel demands for lightweight, stylish eyewear and access to high-quality media with a high-resolution, panoramic field of view. eMacula provides a synthesis of features that is unavailable in other AR/VR products — which are typically encumbered by heavy, obtrusive headsets or eyewear with a narrow display field.

With a network of more than 130,000 entrepreneurs and investors, Crowdfunder is an equity crowdfunding leader for sourcing and funding high-growth ventures. Crowdfunder provides access to a global network of accredited investors who participate in funding startups.

Innovega’s business model allows established contact lens manufacturers to bring the eMacula system’s smart lenses to market, and allows multiple manufacturing and distribution partners to commercialize its display eyewear, configured for many applications or use cases. Its patented portfolio of Enhanced Retina Technologies covers the system of contact lenses and smart glasses, including key sub-systems such as eye tracking, and is protected by twenty-six filed patent applications and thirteen granted U.S. patents.

To learn more about Innovega and the eMacula system, and the opportunity for equity investment during the current limited-time funding round, please visit

About Innovega

Innovega’s eMacula combination of stylish glasses and smart contact lenses provides the user with a discreet, high performance entertainment and information experience that goes beyond any available system. The company was co-founded by prominent inventor and optometrist Jerome A. Legerton and Stephen Willey, former CEO of augmented reality pioneer MicroVision. Innovega has been funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the National Institutes of Health National Eye Institute and from private investment.

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