WebFitness, a new online fitness solution, gives apartment complex owners a competitive edge!

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Oct. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — WebFitness, a live online interactive workout, is now being used in upscale apartment complexes as a new resource for their residents.  Apartment complex owners, who are looking for a way to differentiate properties in the marketplace, are upgrading their facilities by including WebFitness in their workout rooms.  Residents access WebFitness in the complexes’ workout rooms via a large screen TV, which is connected to a computer with a web camera.

WebFitness’ interactive group sessions are led by a LIVE certified trainer, who monitors each class member to make sure that he or she has proper form during each exercise.  WebFitness trainers are particularly skilled in motivating class members to go the extra mile!  Tenants can see the trainer and the other members in the class.  When the workout class is not in session, the class schedule is shown on the big screen.

Inside the workout room the tenant logs into WebFitness on the TV’s computer then the class start-up is on the big screen.  If there is already a class running, the tenant’s name is added to the list of participants.  The participating tenant then sees each class members’ first name and profile picture.  This also enables the trainer to give a personal touch and address each participant by name.

Michael, a WebFitness member exclaims, “The best part of a WebFitness workout is that you can talk to your trainer and your trainer talks to you AND you can see and hear others in your class.  Being in a live group workout drives me to work out harder.”

Market Square West, blocks away from the White House, is including up to two memberships per unit at no charge for their residents.  Tiffany Jordan, Manager of Market Square West explains: “We were looking for a way to stand out in the marketplace and bring a higher level of service.  We found WebFitness and were excited because with WebFitness technology, we were able to bring a live online fitness trainer into our workout facility without the cost and hassle of hiring a local fitness trainer.”

Registering members is easy for apartment service desks.  The tenant simply provides his or her name, email or cell.  After registering, a link is sent to the tenant.  The tenant then uses this link to sign-up and after that he or she is ready to start.  With their membership, tenants can work out anywhere using their own laptops or use the fitness room.

WebFitness also offers diet and nutrition coaching and monitoring.  Members can use the WebFitness app to snap a picture of their meals and snacks with a simple click.  WebFitness’ dietitian then reviews meal choices and gives specific dietary advice.  Members are seeing positive results because WebFitness targets both exercise and diet.

For more information about WebFitness visit www.WebFitness.com.    

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