CloutHub Offers Lawmakers Solutions For Big Tech’s Glaring Problems

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — This week CloutHub® contacted key legislators working to solve the problems legacy platforms have created regarding censorship, privacy, health and deceptive online business practices. The company offered solutions based on their unique approach to these issues and their next generation platform which is already available and poised to scale.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (TN) is leading the effort to give users the right to privacy on the internet. CloutHub® has taken a bold stance on the issue of privacy and collects no data about a users’ personal information and activity online or off.

Senator Ted Cruz (TX) and Representative Dan Crenshaw (TX-02) are at the forefront of trying to address political bias and the manipulation of content. CloutHub® does not manipulate or suppress content on its platform including political content. 

Senator Josh Hawley (MO) submitted legislation to reduce some of the harmful mental health effects that existing platform designs have caused. Our platform is designed with input from neuroscientists to ensure it is free of these negative effects.

Representative Doug Collins (GA-27) is the Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee which has launched an anti-trust investigation that includes the existing platforms. As a growing platform, CloutHub® wants to ensure regulation does not impede the ability of new alternatives to compete.

According to CEO Jeff Brain, “CloutHub® looks forward to showing legislators the innovative approaches we are taking to address the problems they have identified. We will stand with them in requiring the legacy platforms live up to their good faith obligation under CDA Section 230 and provide greater transparency regarding their business practices.”

About CloutHub®

CloutHub® uses the power of social media to bring people together to address issues, solve problem and enrich lives and communities that launched in early 2019.  It is currently operating as part of the prestigious EvoNexus Incubator in Irvine, California. Download CloutHub®, currently available from the App and Play store. Visit our website at

About Jeff Brain

Jeff has been a successful CEO and civic leader for most of his adult life. He is a former commissioner for the City of Los Angeles. He created the vision for CloutHub® based on his experiences and his desire to use social media to create vibrant, healthy and prosperous communities everywhere.

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