HandsFree Health’s Voice Assistant Puts Consumer Privacy And Security First

WAYNE, Pa., Oct. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — HandsFree Health™, is putting consumer privacy first. Our healthcare and technology experts created WellBe®’s voice technology within a secure platform that is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). HandsFree Health adheres to these national standards to help protect individuals’ electronic health information so that consumers and employees can feel confident that their personal medical information will remain private. When it comes to your health, keeping information secure matters.

HandsFree Health's WellBe, a HIPAA-compliant voice assistant

It is estimated that 111.8 million people in the US will use a voice assistant at least monthly this year, up 9.5% from 102.0 million in 2018.1 When you bring WellBe into your home or the home of a loved one, you have a fully integrated, personalized, and interactive health platform built around voice technology that puts your healthcare’s information security first. This allows consumers and employees to manage health in the convenience and privacy of their home.

“The healthcare system is complex but there is nothing easier than using your voice to get all of the health information you need in the comfort of your home,” said Eric Weaver, Chief Technology Officer, HandsFree Health. “We developed HandsFree Health’s WellBe® with capabilities from industry-leading health and technology companies including Microsoft, Healthwise, and Cerner to help consumers and employees stay engaged with their healthcare.”

WellBe was built to address consumer healthcare needs from health appointment reminders to insurance information. It’s customizable to an individual, whether it is medication reminders for you or a loved one, or a procedure cost estimate. In addition to addressing health needs, WellBe includes all of the entertainment “must haves” in a voice assistant such as news, music, sports and weather. WellBe is easy to set up and is designed to look great in your home. 

Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser recently awarded HandsFree Health with a 2019 Digital Innovator Award for WellBe. HandsFree Health was also featured at Microsoft Build 2019 demonstrating artificial intelligence integration for the healthcare market. 

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About HandsFree Health™
HandsFree Health™ is committed to creating health and wellness platforms that keep you and your loved ones on track to good health. We make intelligently designed, fully integrated platforms that move quality-conscious health and wellness consumers closer to compliance and optimal health. Individuals love the easy, streamlined support. Employers and healthcare systems value our products’ impact on consumer’s accountability, compliance, and awareness. HandsFree Health is the parent company for WellBe®. WellBe is the HandsFree Health virtual assistant that connects voice recognition technology with health expertise, keeping your health habits on track.

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