COACHD Announces the Launch of Its Online Personal Training Platform Giving 24-7 Access to High-end Personal Trainers for Less Than the Cost of Your Daily Latte

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — COACHD today announces the launch of its online training platform bringing high-end personal training to fitness users directly on their mobile devices. COACHD works with professional fitness coaches and certified personal trainers across the nation to provide boutique-style fitness planning, nutrition guidance, and 24-7 access coaching to help consumers transform the way they train. Delivered anytime, anywhere to consumers seeking personal transformation, weight loss, and health & fitness guidance, COACHD monthly membership provides its members with a dedicated coach, fitness and nutrition planning, and access to specialized health content, including behavior change and habit formation programming. 

With COACHD, consumers seeking personal health & fitness training can connect with their dedicated coach anytime, anywhere via mobile device, helping users plan and work through a monthly training regimen. COACHD distinguishes it’s services by offering training at a steep discount when compared with traditional in-person training normally experienced at clubs and gyms across the country. In addition to the deep discount over in-club training, COACHD provides a level of assurance—accountability and motivation—that bottom-of-the-barrel, throwaway fitness apps cannot provide.

“The fitness industry is littered with too-good-to-be-true diet schemes, devices, Instagram-polluted fitness plans, and unrealistic expectations for people who truly want to get healthy and look great.  COACHD was born to provide a crystal clear path to lasting health and fitness, taking the guesswork out of getting in shape,” said Eric Hanson, Co-founder and CEO.

Because coaches check-in daily, consumers stay connected and can train at home, at their local club, or anywhere they can find space.  This is particularly helpful for busy or traveling professionals, on-the-go parents, and athletes who want “always on” access to their training program and round the clock connection with their coach. 

The fitness industry is ripe for disruption as new ways to employ technology are revolutionizing how fitness consumers get in shape, lose weight, and train for competitive events. The personal training industry is a $9 Billion opportunity with no clear leader.  


COACHD provides membership to 24-7 one-on-one personal health and fitness coaching via smartphone, tablet, or desktop. COACHD is an affordable, high-value alternative to traditional gym-based personal training.


Eric Hanson, (312)493-6874, [email protected]

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