Big4Bio Teams Up With Healthdom to Provide Personalized Prevention Plans for Life Science Companies

Big4Bio:PHP Solution Leverages Latest Technology to Improve Health

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Big4Bio is proud to announce a new partnership with Healthdom, a personalized preventive health platform that seeks to prevent illness by timely administration of screenings and check-ups. The Big4Bio Preventive Health Program (Big4Bio:PHP), powered by Healthdom, will give Big4-region life science companies an advanced employee wellness solution that uses the latest innovations in preventive health technology.

“Healthdom’s platform is a much-needed ‘guardian angel’ app that manages one’s preventive health,” says Tilton Little, CEO of Big4Bio. “And as Big4Bio-area life science organizations work to provide solutions and therapies for the betterment of mankind, the Big4Bio:PHP gives these life science employers a tool to help their own employees have the best health outcomes possible.”

Current wellness programs are difficult to manage and measuring success has been increasingly problematic; health initiatives should demonstrate a healthier and happier workforce that translate into lower costs for their employer. This is what the Big4Bio:PHP will provide.

“We give Healthdom platform users an opportunity to be in charge of their own health, integrating their electronic health records, arranging information and providing individualized recommendation guidelines based on algorithms using medical literature,” says Cezary Pietrasik, CEO of Healthdom.

The platform’s services and benefits include:

  • Personalized medical tests reminder
  • Automated screening checklist monitoring
  • Storage of electronic health records
  • Symptom checker for self-diagnosis that can then be discussed with their doctor

The platform also measures compliance with preventative guidelines, including detailed compliance ratios for colonoscopy, flu shots, CAT scans (lungs), mammography, pap smear/HPV tests, prostate cancer prevention consultation, and more.

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About Healthdom

Healthdom is a preventive health company based in San Francisco that reminds people when and what screenings to do to prevent illness. Our individualized algorithms are based on genomic testing, behavioral data from a smartphone/Fitbit, self-reported demographic information, and electronic health records.


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