BRUSH LEE World’s First 10 Second Fully Auto-Toothbrush Due for Launch on 14th November 2019

SHENZHEN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 14, 2019 / Here is an electric toothbrush that will revolutionize your bathroom routine. Imagine a complete dental cleaning that needs only 10 seconds! Oral care is once again on new heights. We are pleased to announce that we are launching the number one electric toothbrush, Brush Lee Crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The 10-Seconds Fully Auto-Toothbrush is a first-ever product of its kind in the market. In the blink of an eye, and your teeth are good to go. The product is the fruit of the combined wisdom of health and technology experts, who are going to bring oral health back to your life.

What makes Brush Lee unique? This electric toothbrush is more efficient than ever, with a whole host of cool features to ensure better teeth cleaning. With this bad boy, your headache caused by hard-to-reach areas, sensitive gums, enamel, or plaque will disappear like a puff of smoke.

The brush is designed with the needs of modern-day living in mind. It uses sonic vibration to clean your teeth. It comes with Bluetooth Application, which allows you to adjust vibration intensity and brushing duration at any time through the mobile phone. With the APP, you can customize your personal preferences like brushing time, foaming time, and brush intensity. The electric brush uses the latest charging technology, which applies a built-in wireless charging (Qi) module adopts ABS flame-retardant material. You don’t have to look around for a socket.

Too much pressure and not enough brushing time are two major causes for oral health issues. Dirt builds up, and all manner of oral issues come along. Now, Brush Lee comes to save your day. Brush Lee has a mouthpiece of medical-grade liquid silicone, which is safe for your enamel and is friendly to the gums. It is nothing like those traditional toothbrushes with nylon bristles that eventually cause bleeding gums and severe damage to the enamel.

In most cases, you fail to brush your teeth maybe because you are tired after a long day’s work. After a long day’s work, you are not in the mood for brushing your teeth properly? No more trouble. Brush Lee toothbrush is a revolutionary automatic foam-generating toothbrush. It is time to say goodbye to squeezing toothpaste onto toothbrushes.

Most of the oral problems are caused by improper cleaning of teeth, especially when you do not pay attention to all parts of the mouth. How can you make sure every single tooth is given equal care when you are brushing with a traditional brush? And if you can’t, problems may find their ways to your mouth. Here again comes Brush Lee. It has a total of 1244 bristles; hence, each tooth is cleaned by about 38 bristles to achieve ultimate cleaning. Each bristle uses acoustic wave energy effectively and covers all unreachable corners. The teeth and the bristle are aligned at an angle of 45°, which is the best position to achieve the best cleaning effect.

Brush Lee has created an algorithm from several brushing sessions to have exclusive insights into brushing behaviors from all round the world. You may have your own style of brushing teeth, but Brush Lee got it covered. It can provide optimal care regardless of your style. Brush Lee is leading the world in the over $10 billion brushing market.

Brush Lee is designed to help consumers to build healthier brushing behaviors.

The brush is also waterproof. It supports whole-body water washing for free brushing, which will not cause water leakage, electricity leakage, or internal damage to the body. It is specially designed to work and operate around water in your bathroom, in the sink, and, most importantly, your mouth. This means you can also safely use it during your shower.

What are the advantages when you use Brush Lee? Brush Lee is comfortable and gentle to use. It will save you from oral and dental problems mostly caused by incorrect and harsh brushing.

It saves time. Ten seconds is all you need! The ability to monitor brushing time avoids the application of unnecessary pressure on the gums caused by brushing for too long. Besides, it has an automatic foaming technology, and hence you do not have to squeeze toothpaste onto a toothbrush anymore.

The average time recommended by dentists to brush teeth is at least 3 minutes. When using the regular traditional brushes, rarely do we brush up to 2 minutes, which results in inefficient brushing. Brush Lee is the world’s latest automatic toothbrush. A simple press and wait for 10 seconds. You’ll have clean, shiny teeth! Use Brush Lee save 123.5 days of brushing teeth in your life. In these 123.5 days, you can go shopping, watching your favorite TV shows, reading, or just lying down on your bed.

The brush is available in different colors and at affordable prices.

Brush Lee is just the first, and very big, step to change oral health care. Oral hygiene is indeed essential to our overall health, and that is why we are going to continue innovating devices that give you an all-around support in a domestic setting.

Auto-Foaming, have your teeth sparkling in a few seconds. Brush Lee makes brushing much simpler, comfortable, and most effective! Officiating Brush Lee on Kickstarter is an integral way to become world beaters in the electric brush market as this is a unique, problem-solving product.

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