exocad ChairsideCAD Matera: new release enables single-visit dentistry with unsurpassed indication spectrum

DARMSTADT, Germany, Nov. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — exocad GmbH announces the release of the latest software version ChairsideCAD 2.3 Matera. ChairsideCAD, the first hardware-neutral CAD solution for the clinical environment, was first launched last year. With the new release, the company is now offering the widest range of indications in the market for chairside CAD software and at the same time covering the broadest spectrum of integrated devices. The software is intuitive, so users can easily, economically and reliably deliver esthetically demanding restorations in a single patient session.

With the new ChairsideCAD 2.3 Matera modules, the software can intelligently expand the individual practice’s offerings. Smile Creator is the ideal tool for 2D / 3D esthetic planning of restorations, ensuring predictable results. Model Creator is suitable for creating physical models from digital impression scans. With Jaw Motion Import, patient-specific jaw movements are imported from various measuring systems and used directly for optimal design of the occlusal surface. The DICOM Viewer impresses with its outstanding speed when loading CB/CT images, which can be visualized together with intraoral scans and construction data. In addition, patient photos and three-dimensional facial scans can be used in combination to create a comprehensive fully digital representation of the patient.

The Implant Module enables the design of abutments, screw-retained crowns and bridges. The software and its modules are integrated on exocad’s proven and robust software platform, which has been successfully used for more than ten years. This has several advantages: ChairsideCAD Matera always runs reliably  – even with complex restorations – and follows the same intuitive operating workflow as all exocad software applications. The wizard-driven user guidance allows precise results to be achieved quickly and with impressive quality. The combined platform with the world’s leading CAD laboratory software exocad DentalCAD also opens up unparalleled possibilities for digital collaboration with tens of thousands of laboratories. If so desired, each step of the digital workflow can be outsourced to a preferred laboratory, allowing dentists to save time and rely on the expertise of their partner.

Further highlights of the new Matera release include:

  • Greatest flexibility in the selection of scanners and milling machines while offering simplified integration
  • Perfectly integrated production system: the positioning of the reconstruction in the milling blank takes place directly in the CAD workflow. Predictable results can be achieved quickly, especially when using color scans and multilayer materials
  • Control multiple milling machines directly from within the exocad software
  • Seamless integration with exocad’s guided surgery solution exoplan
  • Improved photorealistic representation of the finished restoration. An interactive 3D preview can also be exported as a web link and viewed in all popular browsers – even on mobile devices – without the need to install software

ChairsideCAD was recently awarded the prestigious Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology Award in the USA for its unique, open software architecture and was the first CAD software ever to win this award. The independence from devices and manufacturers is a significant advantage: “Dentists are free to choose their hardware because our software seamlessly integrates itself into a heterogeneous device environment, so that users can easily combine different intraoral scanners with almost all 3D printers and milling units – whether in their own practice or with a laboratory,” explained Tillmann Steinbrecher, CEO at exocad. “We are delighted to receive the Cellerant award and pleased that the independent jury recognizes our software as pioneering digital technology in the clinical environment,” added Larry Bodony, President of exocad America. “This award encourages and drives us to further develop our open software architecture.”

ChairsideCAD 2.3 Matera is now available in the EU, USA (currently without the Implant Module), Japan, South Korea and Australia. Since 2018, exocad has named its releases after current European Capitals of Culture and has selected the Italian city Matera for this year’s title.

More information about ChairsideCAD and resellers at exocad.com/chairsidecad

Information on the Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award: https://cellerantconsulting.com/

About exocad GmbH
exocad GmbH is a dynamic and innovative software company committed to expanding the possibilities of digital dentistry and providing OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) with flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use CAD/CAM software for dental labs and dental practices. exocad software has been chosen by leading OEMs worldwide for integration into their dental CAD/CAM offerings, and thousands of exocad DentalCAD licenses are sold each year. For more information and a list of exocad reseller partners, please visit exocad.com.

With the new ChairsideCAD 2.3 Matera modules, the software can intelligently expand the individual practice’s offerings. With the new Implant Module, abutments and screw-retained crowns as well as bridges can be designed quickly and easily.

ChairsideCAD covers the broadest spectrum of integrated devices. This gives dentists more freedom in their choice of hardware, as the software can be seamlessly integrated even when a diverse range of devices is used. Therefore, a large number of intraoral scanners can easily be combined with nearly any 3D printer or milling unit.

exocad ChairsideCAD is an open and device and manufacturer-neutral CAD/CAM software for clinical environments. With the new add-on module Smile Creator, now available with ChairsideCAD 2.3 Matera, highly aesthetic restorations can be virtually planned simply, quickly and predictably by combining patient photos and 3D situations.

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