Grow Your Medical Spa Leads With More Leads From Price Simulator® In 2021

SEATTLE, Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With COVID-19 restrictions beginning to end, the medical spa market is expected to grow by over 10% in the next few years. This growth will bring an influx of competition to the medical spa market. As a medical spa owner, there is nothing more important than standing out. Price Simulator® delivers medical spa leads directly to your inbox while creating a unique and memorable experience for users.

Leads come from various sources including phone calls, contact form submissions, email, and even direct referrals. Managing these leads can be difficult, even more so when leads are only interested in pricing information. This can cause medical spa staff to follow up on leads not yet willing to book.

Price Simulator® cuts out this first interaction by providing basic pricing information in exchange for contact information. Therefore, when followed up on, the lead will already have a good understanding of the costs. Not only does this cut out the time it takes to convert a lead, leads that come through Price Simulator® are four times more likely to book an appointment than those that come from other sources.

According to one client, Dr. Alberico Sessa in Sarasota, Florida, “Price Simulator® is now our top lead generation tool. We have never had a better conversion rate than after we implemented Price Simulator®.” As one of the leading tools for medical spas and other medical and cosmetic clinics, Price Simulator® is a must have for a successful 2021 medical spa marketing strategy.

Try out a demo of Price Simulator® before committing to see the power for yourself. Also, when you sign up online get your first 30 days free of charge.

About Price Simulator®: Price Simulator® ( is a web application that integrates directly on medical spa websites to collect leads and funnel them directly to the practice. Designed to increase engagement, boost SEO, and increase leads, Price Simulator® is a powerful lead magnet that helps medical spas grow their business. Created by realdrseattle®, a marketing company dedicated to transparency, Price Simulator® offers simulated prices in exchange for real leads.

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