Olea Announces new Licensing Opportunities

RENO, Nev., Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Olea Sensor Networks, a leader in intelligent sensors and analytic software for sensor network-based systems, is offering new licensing opportunities for their next-gen version of the OSN Quadcorder, a technology system for contactless and remote vital sign monitoring.

The OSN Quadcorder springs from one of Olea’s core technologies, OleaSense, originally successfully developed and licensed by a leading manufacturer in the automotive industry. The OSN Quadcorder is a system that includes a wireless, contactless device, able to collect and process heart rate, respiration rate and heart rate variability data, viewable on any mobile device including tablets, cell phones, etc. Using Olea’s intelligent sensor analytics, the collected data may be transmitted to the cloud for access by professional medical personnel for interpretation and diagnosis. No external wires and no contact with the body is required. The Olea monitoring device weighs about 1 ounce and is about the size of a business card, and may be slipped into a shirt pocket or worn on a lanyard, or embedded in a chair or mattress. It has been clinically tested and provides medical grade accuracy of resting vital signs. It also features the ability to develop a feature which provides an individual’s HeartSignature , which can identify the patient based upon their unique vital sign patterns.

“We see particular opportunity with companies in the Southeastern United States, especially Florida, and will be focusing our on the ground marketing efforts in that area. No one else in the industry can offer anything like this. This system offers four types of data in one device as well motion activity sensing, it’s truly contactless, is easy to use and has accuracy equal to or better than today’s ECGs and spirometers.” explained Frank Morese, Olea CEO/CTO and Founder.

The OSN Quadcorder is part of Olea’s impressive portfolio of IoT intellectual property and was specifically developed as a vertically integrated solution in such a way that allows an innovative manufacturer to mitigate development cost, increase manufacturing efficiency and accelerate time to market.

“As part of Olea’s intellectual property portfolio offered for licensing to Healthcare companies and manufacturers, the OSN Quadcorder technnology, provides a mutual business advantage,” explained Frank Morese CEO/CTO of Olea, “which helps them to continue to compete globally and allows them to accelerate their innovations. From start-up to large corporations, companies can benefit from development times being reduced from a typical 36 months to only about 6 months, thanks to our manufacturing-ready approach to design.”

Olea offers its IP under a wide variety of licensing models. For each innovation, a customer is able to select the type of licensing that fits their current business plan. A dedicated page which goes into greater detail can be found on the Olea website at https://www.oleasys.com/olea-licensing-models.

About Olea’s Intelligent Sensors and Analytic Software

In 2013, Olea launched its flagship product the OS-3001 Intelligent Multi-Sensor Platform, for non-clinical R&D use, as a handheld/wearable, wireless, intelligent, multi-sensor data acquisition platform. It serves as a sensor hub with various on-board intelligent sensors. Since then, Olea has produced the OS-3005, OS-3008 and the 24Ghz OS-3010, feature-rich platforms for vital sign sensing, the OleaVision life presence detector and Olea HeartSignature biometric technology. All of Olea’s technologies are designed for use with OleaSense sensor-analytics software, and, optionally, its cloud-based service solutions using Olea’s IoT Intelligent Partitioning Architecture.

About Olea

Olea Sensor Networks (incorporated as Olea Systems, Incorporated) develops intelligent sensors and analytic software for a wide variety of IoT applications, including connected car, connected care, smart home and identity access management. Olea, Olea Sensor Networks, Olea HeartSensor, Olea HeartSignature, OleaSense, OleaVision, BalancedSense, RespiroTrack, IoT Intelligent Partitioning Architecture, OSN Quadcorder, DrowseAlert are trademarks of Olea Systems, Incorporated. Other trademarks (registered or otherwise), names and brands may be claimed as property of Olea Systems, Incorporated or by others.


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