Rhino Biotech has acquired cannabis genetics company and a biopharmaceutical company.


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Rhino Biotech has acquired cannabis genetics company and a biopharmaceutical company.

Rhino Biotech Limited (OTC:RBRXF) has entered the Biotech market with a specific focus on scientifically backed and clinically proven plant and fungi derived compounds for use in nutraceuticals and preventative and curative Biopharmaceuticals.

The company aims to achieve its initial growth in this arena by way of strategic acquisitions that compliment our core focus and in turn will benefit from our vertically integrated strategies and partnerships.


Rhino Biotech entered into several agreements and has acquired:-

all the membership interest in Colorado-based Artesian Valley Farms, LLC, (dba Artesian Valley Agritech) for an aggregate of $14,500,000 in shares/stock and $3,400,000 in financing along with all of the membership interest in Nevada based, JRD Ventures, LLC for an aggregate of $3,100,000 in shares/stock.

and all of the common shares/stock of Rhino Biotech, Inc., an Ohio corporation, for an aggregate of $10,000,000 in shares of Rhino Biotech Limited

This transaction allows the company to compete in the lucrative biotech market with specific focus on natural plant based health and wellness and in moving forward, continue to invest in the fortification of health

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Artesian Valley Agritech, owns and operates a state of the art, highly automated 27,000 Sq/ft medical grade indoor cultivation, genetics and cloning facility, operating on 13 Acres located in Durango, Colorado, Licensed under the Colorado Department of Agriculture for 19,000 Sq/Ft of indoor production and 10 acres outdoor production.

Artesian Valley Agritech, through its expertise in biogenetics and genomics, has produced several proprietary strains of the Cannabis Sativa L. genus engineered specifically to produce high levels of cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN and CBC and contain almost no psychoactive compounds.

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Among these proprietary strains is “Chiron” the divisions’s first CBG seed release aimed at medical research and has under laboratory analysis tested as high as 18.1 % in CBG and 0.1- 0.2% THC, with a 98% Germination Rate, and at 96-100% female sex. In addition to these statistics, the divisions research team specifically bread this strain for resistance to molds and mildews, as well as frost; enabling propagation suitability with extremely high yields in nearly all climates.

“Nautilus” is the farm’s second release and the first global CBG seed release that is licensed to selected growers to produce biomass to extract targeted isolates and compounds.

JRD Ventures partnered with Artesian Valley Farms and was instrumental in the development of Artesian Valley Agritech, including in the growth and genetic diversification of its inventory. In furtherance of the business JRD Ventures independently developed proprietary standard operating procedures, recipes, trade secrets, and other intellectual property, and subsequently granted Artesian Valley Agritech the right to use such information in exchange for a 10% share in the net revenues generated by Artesian Valley Agritech derived from such intellectual property. Acquiring JRD Ventures as part of the Artesian Valley Agritech transaction was paramount to the continued success of Artesian Valley Agritech and the business development of Rhino Biotech.

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Rhino Biotech, Inc. is a manufacturer, marketer and distributor natural health and wellness nutraceutical and nutritional products. The company has further developed proprietary formulations that fortify health through the application of nutraceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. Rhino’s range of compounds used in its products are derived from plants, fungi and micro-organisms. These compounds may include cannabinoid isolates, chemical compounds extracted from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant grown specifically for medicinal use as well as chemical compounds extracted from fungi and fruiting bodies grown in medical grade environments for medicinal use

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Further Information

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Rhino Biotech Limited has further retained Paulson Investment Company, LLC as its financial advisor for the transaction and any future capital raise the Company may seek.

John McAuliffe
Managing Director
Paulson Investment Company, LLC
4905 W Laurel Street, Suite 101
Tampa, FL 33607
Direct Dial: (813) 369-5889

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Investor Relations
Michael J. Porter
Porter, LeVay & Rose, Inc.
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