Alpenglow Biosciences Unveils Fully Integrated “3Deep” Offering at BIO2022 Bringing AI-Powered, 3D Insights to Spatial Biology

  • Launches “3Deep” platform, an integrating offering for research in spatial biology
  • Partnering with innovators at BIO2022 to accelerate drug development
  • Recently published in Nature Methods and GeekWire, presented at Digestive Disease Week

SEATTLE, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Alpenglow Biosciences (Alpenglow), developers of an innovative end-to-end 3D spatial biology platform, has announced the unveiling of their fully integrated offering with proprietary tissue preparation, advanced imaging technology and AI-powered, cloud-based 3D analysis.  Inspired by first-hand experience, Alpenglow’s cofounders developed the platform to transform pathology from traditional 2D microscopy to 3D insights.  The 3Deep name embodies the combination of stunning 3D tissue imaging with actionable insights only possible through AI-powered cloud computing.

Alpenglow has unveiled their offering with tissue preparation, advanced imaging and AI-powered, cloud-based 3D analysis

Pathology is essential to drug development & diagnostics as it is a key step in identifying potential candidates. Recently, spatial biology has been thrust into the forefront of pathology as a means to understand the interrelations between cells, complex structures, and the entire tissue environment.   Traditionally limited by analog 2D analysis, subjective interpretation, and manual approach, Alpenglow is forging a new path with digital 3D spatial biology using a high throughput, digital approach that provides extraordinary insights and illuminates the path to breakthrough results.

Recognized as thought leaders in this space, Alpenglow’s co-founders Adam Glaser and Jonathan Liu were recently featured in Nature Methods describing the technology and several applications.  CEO Nick Reder MD, MPH recently presented during a plenary session at the Digestive Disease Week 2022.

About Alpenglow Biosciences

Founded in 2018, Seattle-based Alpenglow Biosciences Inc. (Formerly Lightspeed Microscopy, Inc.) is a privately held, venture backed company focused on accelerating drug development and improving clinical diagnostics with AI-powered, 3D imaging technology. Their platform solution provides new pathology insights with greater accuracy by digitizing entire tissues while keeping samples intact for additional analysis. Alpenglow partners with pharmaceutical companies to develop better therapeutics and a greater understanding of toxicology, efficacy, and rank ordering of potential candidates using their patented technology. Five of the top 10 pharma companies work with Alpenglow to accelerate development timelines, gain new insights, and improve therapeutic success.

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