KOLs from all over the world will attend the “HIMSS European Health Conference & Exhibition 2022.”

SAN DIEGO , June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The newspaper recently published a commentary article highlighting the significance and potential impact of the upcoming European Health Conference Exhibition 2022.

The HIMSS European Health Conference & Exhibition is one of the most important global events related to healthcare and technology. This year it will be presented in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. HIMSS 2022 offers a unique opportunity to bring together the world’s most critical and influential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

HIMSS, for its acronym in English for Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society, is a non-profit organization focused on transforming the world’s healthcare sector based on information and technology. It has provided services in this field across the globe, with more than 60 years of history. With a group of 110,000 people, 480 supplier teams, 470 non-profit partners, and 650 service entities, the HIMSS has carried out its tasks year after year to achieve its mission with utmost excellence.

In 2022 and 2021, the HIMSS event had to happen virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it was able to host thousands of KOLs and experts, finalizing in a grand success despite the global crisis and challenges imposed by the pandemic.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and worldwide healthcare experts will gather in Helsinki for the 2022 HIMSS European and Health Conference & Exhibition. Lectures, live sessions, trade shows, and various workshops will be available at the main hall for all attendees.

When is the HIMSS European Health Conference & Exhibition scheduled?

The event is scheduled from June 14 to 16, 2022, in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. This will be a unique experience to interact with world-renowned experts in nextgen technologies in healthcare, automation systems, and technology applied to public health.

Who will be attending the HIMSS 2022?

This HIMSS 2022 congress will bring together a large number of professionals, key opinion leaders, and specialists within the life sciences, among whom we have: senior executives, suppliers, information technology professionals, Finnish government officials, innovative entrepreneurs, and consultants, among many other KOLs that you will probably recognize from the reviews we have prepared in this article.

Why should you participate?

At HIMSS 2022, you will have the opportunity to meet key opinion leaders (KOLs) who have organized and guided the most advanced countries to overcome global health crises.

The European Union invested more than 650 million euros in recovering from the effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are some 13,000 million euros assigned to develop digital healthcare, meaning endless opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors interested in technological advances and cutting-edge technology. The HIMSS 2022 presents the unique opportunity to experience the latest medical advances and discoveries developed by the leading countries, which helped overcome the global pandemic and set the highest standard in the healthcare industry worldwide.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect, expand your professional network or keep your knowledge up to date with information and insights provided directly in live sessions by world-renowned opinion leaders and KOLs.

Helsinki welcomes thousands of KOLs

Despite its low temperatures, this city is well known for being friendly and featuring its splendid modern architecture and overflowing with art on every corner.

Helsinki is easy to navigate, with most landmarks being very close together within walking distance. The city has a vast network of transportation options, from trams to buses, including bike passes. Renting bicycles is also available across the city.

You can walk through the market, buy local food, rest in a cafe, and continue your journey with ease. The Finns are also well-known coffee drinkers worldwide; you might get a chance to visit Mood Coffee Roastery in Ullanlinna, Kahvila Siili, in the traditional sector of Käpylä; or maybe Ursula Cafe in the Kaivopuisto. These locations are great choices if you want to explore the culinary offerings of Helsinki.

Finland is at the vanguard of healthcare in Europe

One of the most relevant aspects of Finland’s significant development, even above the United Kingdom or China, is its great dedication, with a long history, to research related to the incorporation of detailed data in the healthcare sector. An aspect that has powerfully caught the attention of the key opinion leader (KOL).

Since 2002, Finland has invested heavily in its efforts to digitalize healthcare records and incorporate technology into the public health system. Finland studies on cancer patients have been recorded and stored since the 1950s, and accurate records of all newborns have been kept since the late 1960s.

With the tremendous technological advance incorporating population data into the public health system and attracting many experts, Finland achieved top quality standards in medical practices and life expectations. This is one of the most critical advantages of meeting all the specialists precisely in Helsinki for the European Health Conference & Exhibition in 2022.

Who will be the KOLs at HIMSS European Health Conference & Exhibition 2022?

This event will have as guests several of the world-renowned health leaders, panelists, and speakers, who will address various topics around digital health and care and several of their personal experiences as inspiring anecdotes.

Dr. Visa Holopainen, Director of Strategic Development of the University Hospital of Helsinki-Uusimaa, will lecture on how data-driven innovations have reshaped medical care in recent times and what values-based medical care is like in practice in Finland.

Juha Tuominem, one of Finland’s leading internal medicine specialists, was previously the CEO and CEO of Helsinki University Hospital.

Aki Lindén, a member of the Finnish parliament being the Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services, specializes in health care and is an advocate of the philosophy of the welfare state, which is that the state is responsible for protecting and promoting the economic and social welfare of its citizens through a principle of equal opportunities.

Dr. Kaija Saranto, a professor of Health and Human Services Informatics at the University of Eastern Finland, leads research groups aiming to analyze health data, shared decision-making, virtual care, and patient safety.

She will give an additional talk on health care, taking into account three essential aspects, the person, the processes, and the technology; this panel is called “cybersecurity skills that challenge medical care” taught by other specialists.

Johannes Ahlqvist, a specialist in programming technology for the interdisciplinary master’s degree in information networks, has been in charge of the Competitiveness project based on health data. The project seeks to promote the use of data on the well-being of people in Finland to improve levels of competitiveness. He will act as an interviewer during Dr. Visa Honkanen’s lecture.

Tarja Stenvall, Senior Vice President in Key Markets at Sanofi, specializes in global health issues, emphasizing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular problems and diabetes. She is also the Vice President of Commercial Operations with vaccines in Latin America, having her headquarters in Panama.

Dr. Antti Iivanainen, General Director of Development of Apotti, a unique program worldwide capable of uniting health and social care with ICT technology, will speak about the patient-client relationship and how electronic health records help close the gap.

Mikael Rinnetmäki, the founder of Sensotrend, a company that seeks to make it easier for people with diabetes, and Finnish ambassador for Fast Healthcare Interoperability, a standard developed and promoted by HL7 International for the exchange of electronic medical records, will speak with Dr. Antti Iivanainen, about electronic health records as well as the development of digital health services in the private sector.

Maritta Haavisto, the director of the Service District in Helsinki, works on the implementation of mental health and substance abuse prevention services for the elderly. She will talk about how active and healthy aging can be supported.

Dr. Minna Hendolin, lead specialist in Sitra’s Health Data 2030 project, a multitasking operator in innovation, and other specialists will give a conference entitled “FROM SILOS TO INTEGRATED CARE: Towards an open flow of data, research, and collaborations”.

Dr. Bert Verdonck, Chair in Charge of Health within the Data Space Business Committee, Gaia-X and Program Manager for Health Data Initiatives, Philips. This will take place during the conference of dr. Minna Hendolyn.

Dr. Johanna Mäkelä, Director of Research and Services at the Finnish Biobanks. She will have a place during Dr. Minna Hendolin’s lecture.

Heidi Anttila, leader of the KATI program at the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare, promotes new technologies in health care carried out from home. She will speak with Dr. Maritta Haavisto on supporting active and healthy aging.

Leena Setälä, Director of Strategy of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland, will give a speech entitled “Building the world’s smartest hospitals.” She will tell the most interesting anecdotes about the most modern hospitals in Finland.

Koen Kas is a futuristic health care visionary whose purpose is to make services more pleasant and effective for patients. He is also an entrepreneur and founding CEO of HealthSkouts who gives inspiring lectures on the future of healthcare and the cutting edge of digital health, a professor of molecular oncology, and an acclaimed speaker who chairs the scientific committee of the European Organization for Cancer prevention.

Dr. Timo Tyrväinen, the chief economist at the Climate Leadership Coalition in Finland, worked for the National Bank of Finland, was an advisor and then chief economist, until 2014, at Aktia Bank, one of the largest banks in Finland. Mr. Tyrväinen will be speaking alongside other specialists during a panel discussion called “Climate Crisis: Healthcare Responsibility to Our Planet.”

Nancy Jennings, Health Adviser and AMR Leader for the UK Mission to the EU in Brussels, also for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Belgium. Mrs. Jenning will be one of the participants during the discussion on the climate crisis and what is the responsibility of healthcare to our planet.

Dr. Maria Neira, Director of Environment, Climate Change, and Health, is also Director of the Swiss World Health Organization. Dr. Neira will be one of the participants during the discussion on the climate crisis and what is the responsibility of health care to our planet.

Ben Tongue, Digital Net Zero Lead, Lead for Digital Sustainability, Net Zero, Equality and Climate Resilience Agendas at NHS UK Transformation Directorate. Mr. Tongue will be one of the participants during the discussion on the climate crisis and what is the responsibility of health care to our planet.

Isabelle Kumar, the former CNN newscaster, and producer in London, now hosts Euronews Tonight, Euronews’ evening news program. She will also be one of the participants during the discussion on the climate crisis and what is the responsibility of health care to our planet.

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Closing thoughts

The HIMSS European Health Conference & Exhibition is centered on the worldwide Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) gathering in Helsinki to communicate and share their findings and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and open their knowledge on how were they able to transform and improve the healthcare industry, positively affecting the wellbeing of millions of patients.

The HIMSS 2022 is the perfect place to listen and learn from Key Opinion leaders while sharing their most profound discoveries and insights on applied artificial intelligence, digital public health, managed health as an individual, the radical health perspective, and the empowerment of the health sector worker.

It is essential to stay vigilant against COVID-19. For this reason, do not forget to comply with all biosecurity measures and always carry proof of their respective vaccines at hand.

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