Tuesday, November 21, 2017
By Clip Syndicate
Dr. Eric Smith and Jessica joins us to tell how she has lost more than half of her body weight. Jessica is now three years out put from her surgery and she decided to do the surgery because she wasn't confident in herself and she couldn't keep up with her kindergartners and would get winded going up the stairs. Before surgery she also experienced a lot of back pain due to being overweight. She weighed 330 lbs, her mom had bariatrics surgery and it was successful and it sparked her interest. Georgetown Bariatrics was her first choice because it was close to home and the reviews were great and the seminar was very informative. Georgetown Bariatrics offers a lot of support after surgery they must see them every 3 months with in the first year and after every 6 months to a year. They also offer nutritionists and counselors. This surgery is life changing and while the surgery helps you loose weight you also have to make life changes with in diet and fitness.   [READ MORE]

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Microblading is dipping a blade into a pigmented and put hairlike strokes to create a thicker, fuller brow. After receiving the procedure its a three step process: heal, peel and fade. Healing phase will be intense color they use a topical anastetic to numb the area and you won't feel anythig. they also offer lash extesions and lip enhancements. Come in for a free consultation. If you come in and receive all three: microbladding, eye lash extensions and lips package you will receive $300 OFF. This offer lasts through December 31st.   [READ MORE]

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