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Commonwealth Plastic Surgery - Surgical vs. Non-Surgical

By Clip Syndicate
Commonwealth Plastic Surgery - Surgical vs. Non-Surgical

http://eplayer.clipsyndicate.com/view/12463/7224485 Video: Commonwealth Plastic Surgery - Surgical vs. Non-Surgical
Commonwealth Plastic Surgery - Surgical vs. Non-Surgical
http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12463/7224485?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Mon, 08 Jan 2018 17:32:03 +0000 Commonwealth Plastic Surgery - Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Commonwealth Plastic Surgery - Surgical vs. Non-Surgical http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12463/7224485?cpt=8&wpid=2637 WTVQ Lexington, KY c1 3 speaker 1: welcome back to midday kentucky everyone. well there are many surgical and non- surgical ways you can achieve the look you desire. joining me today is dr. jared nimtz from commonwealth plastic surgery to discuss these procedures. how are you my friend? happy new year! dr. jared nimtz: happy new year! speaker 1: it's been awhile since you've been in. dr. jared nimtz: it has, yeah. speaker 1: why is non- surgical procedures skyrocketing? you're seeing more and more of them as well. dr. jared nimtz: we are. i think most people are interested in something that is a little less expensive, a little less downtime. they want something that they can come in quickly, have something done, and then move off to whatever event that they want to go to, and look fabulous. speaker 1: but it's just expanding. dr. jared nimtz: yeah. speaker 1: the surgical ways are still what we need longterm- dr. jared nimtz: yeah. speaker 1: ... if that's the path you want to go down to, but having non-surgical, men are now having these procedures. dr. jared nimtz: yeah. men and women, and they're interested because i think it's easier, and it's easier to come in and have something that's quick, and they can get basically a small something out of it, and not have that major downtime that you can still get with a major procedure. however, as we all age, and as the american population is aging, those bigger surgical procedures may see a comeback. speaker 1: well that's why we need people like you. dr. jared nimtz: right. speaker 1: okay, now we're going to bring up some examples of some before and afters that we chose. we're talking the first one to begin with, now this is a tummy tuck, but we're going to talk about this is a surgical operation, but what could you have had done if it was non- surgical? dr. jared nimtz: there's a lot of things that you could do for this patient. speaker 1: okay. dr. jared nimtz: one of them would be something like a coolsculpting, or some kind of non-surgical lipolysis, okay? speaker 1: right. dr. jared nimtz: there are a bunch of different methods out there. the issue with those is that they may not give you the amount of tightness- speaker 1: 'cause she's tight. dr. jared nimtz: she is very tight in that post- operative picture. i don't think you're going to get the amount of tightness that you would get with a tummy tuck. so the question is one of expectation. speaker 1: yeah, okay, let's bring up the second picture that you've got here as well. now when you have a non-surgical, of course it's less downtime that we're talking about as well- dr. jared nimtz: right. speaker 1: ... and it's a considerable cost difference. dr. jared nimtz: it is. speaker 1: do you think it's a factor of costs when it comes to people's decision? dr. jared nimtz: i think it's easier for them to accept smaller chunks of cost, rather than one bigger one. speaker 1: yeah. dr. jared nimtz: for something say like coolsculpting where, "oh hey, i can only spend so much time," but the problem with that is that you may need multiple treatments. in the long run, it may be just as much or not more- speaker 1: i was about to say that to you. dr. jared nimtz: ... to do the coolsculpting versus liposuction. speaker 1: and a longer process longterm- dr. jared nimtz: and a longer process. speaker 1: ... it's over a year to almost two years. dr. jared nimtz: right. speaker 1: also let's bring up the next one as well and show us now this. what is we done here? dr. jared nimtz: this is a liposuction patient. speaker 1: oh. dr. jared nimtz: these are all pictures that are taken off of plasticsurgery.org. this patient has had some liposuction at their flanks, and at their inner and outer thighs. speaker 1: wow. dr. jared nimtz: this patient had one procedure versus having to have multiple cool sculpting sessions. speaker 1: so this is what you call a surgical procedure, liposuction. dr. jared nimtz: this is a great result. speaker 1: she looks amazing. incredible. let's bring up the next one. now i think we're doing something about the neck as well. dr. jared nimtz: yeah. these next couple pictures show you the difference between what you can achieve with surgery versus non- surgical procedures. she's had surgery obviously. speaker 1: obviously, yeah. dr. jared nimtz: she's had a facelift, neck lift, and you can see where that excess skin is there on just below her chin. the only way to address that is with surgery. speaker 1: can i be honest? doesn't the neck look amazing? dr. jared nimtz: she looks really good. speaker 1: wow. dr. jared nimtz: the only way to achieve that is with something where you're going to really tighten that skin. for instance, liposuction, or cool sculpting, or something like that, even dermal filler is not going to achieve that. speaker 1: well let's bring up the dermal filler, we've got one here, this is before and after of facial fillers. dr. jared nimtz: right. speaker 1: now this is non-surgical? dr. jared nimtz: right, this is someone who has just had basically off the shelf filler injected into the lines between her nose and her lips and so forth. they have filled that in where she has lost some volume from aging. that's something that's easy enough to do. c1 3 speaker 1: it's lunchtime. dr. jared nimtz: right, exactly. half-an-hour it takes in an appointment in the office. speaker 1: dr. nimtz i think that looks amazing. it does take at least five to 10 years off your face as well. dr. jared nimtz: yeah. speaker 1: one of the best things that we want to share with everyone at home dr. nimtz, and his office have been very generous, we want to offer you an incredible promotion, buy one syringe of sculptra and get one free. guys this is a value of $700. it's valid until february 28. this is the phone number to give them a call on right now, there it is, 859- 951-5080, 859-951-5080. there's their facebook. there's their office address as well, and their website. dr. nimtz, thank you for coming in, we really appreciate it. we'll be right back after this short break everyone. you're

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