Art Meets 3D Technology to Explore Mysteries of the Human Body: Mixed Dimensions Creates Accurately Detailed Anatomy Figurines Combining Advanced 3D Printing Software With Artistic Expertise

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Introducing a new way of appreciating and learning about the human body, Mixed Dimensions, (, has launched  a unique set of highly accurate and affordable three-dimensional anatomy models, using advanced 3D printers and expert artists to ensure the highest level of sophistication in their detailed designs.

Bringing art and technology together, the team at Mixed Dimensions was inspired to take on a new challenge of making accurately detailed anatomy models. The company uses Mimaki printers and Daz 3D software along with employing expert artists to color and detail the models by hand in order to guarantee its high-quality models. The company’s intricate figures show the minute details of the human body’s muscles, bones, and skin.  Anatomy models are typically colorless and movable, while in stark contrast, Mixed Dimensions has created figurines to show the different dimensions of the human body that can be easier explored and appreciated.

“For many of us, our love of the human form began as kids, when we drew our first stick figure bodies with smiling faces. As we grew older, we bought anatomy books, tirelessly studied in college and postgraduate programs, and learned the craft of understanding the human body as artists, scientists, and medical professionals,” said Gilman Louie, chairman of Mixed Dimensions. “For those of you dedicated to the lifelong pursuit to decode the mystery of the human body, we have created these models for you. Time and extreme effort are put into these 3D anatomy models, setting them apart from any competitor in the market.”

Benefits of Mixed Dimensions’ 3D printed anatomy models include:

•  Customization: Mixed Dimensions’ 3D models are easily customizable with the option of choosing a gender, and having full or half skin, muscle, bone, and organs, depending on the size of the model ordered. The larger the model, the more options that are available.

•  Ease of Usability: The figurines are stationary models that will come with a stand to be out on display. They can easily be placed on a desk or on display for others to observe and for reference.

•  Accuracy:  Mixed Dimensions uses expert artists, high-quality printers, and advanced 3D software to build models to accurate sizes and proportions.

•  Affordability: The figurines come in four different sizes and prices. There are 5-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch models available, costing between $25 to $300, depending on the level of customization.

“Mixed Dimensions is really on the frontier of what is possible with 3D printing,” Louie added. “We believe that we will be leading the way in creating the factory of the future that is based on full customization and personalization of 3D content that will be produced on demand, eliminating all the previous manufacturing methods using the power of 3D printing.”

Mixed Dimensions have launched a Kickstarter campaign, (, to spread awareness about their highly-detailed human anatomy models among consumers and the investment community.

ABOUT Mixed Dimensions

At Mixed Dimensions, customizable gaming and movie collectibles are our specialty, but not our only focus anymore. To learn more about our company and 3D models, please visit the Mixed Dimensions website at (

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