Executives From NVIDIA, Mattel, Know Labs, Along With NBC, to Discuss New AI Trends at Edge Impulse’s Annual Imagine Conference

Attendees will include executives and professionals from Fortune 500 and leading technology companies in entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing and more

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Edge Impulse, the leading edge AI platform provider, has announced the speaker lineup for its third annual conference Imagine 2023, which will be held virtually and in person at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, on Wednesday September 27, 2023.

The Imagine conference was created by the co-founders of Edge Impulse, CEO Zach Shelby, a former Arm executive and tinyML Foundation board member, and CTO Jan Jongboom, an embedded engineering expert and ML advocate.

“We see Imagine as the forum where edge AI business and technology meet, showcasing the exciting adoption and impact this technology is having on businesses and industries,” said Shelby.

NVIDIA’s Head of Embedded Edge AI Product Management, Amit Goel, will keynote the conference with a discussion on new industry insights in AI and machine learning related to edge computing. He will also touch on innovative new use cases for edge AI made possible by the NVIDIA Jetson and NVIDIA Omniverse platforms with Edge Impulse, previewed in the blog, How to Train an Object Detection Model for Visual Inspection with Synthetic Data.

“Imagine has become an important gathering for experts in edge AI to pool knowledge, and I look forward to sharing NVIDIA’s perspective on this fast-growing segment in AI,” Goel said.

Other notable topics that will be covered at Imagine include:

  • Challenges of AI at the edge. Mattel’s Head of Global Electronic Design Paul Chen will lead a panel on the top challenges for AI at the edge with Neurable Co-founder and CEO Ramses Alcaide and SAIC’s Edge Artificial Intelligence Lead & Research Fellow Nathan Verrill.
  • Responsible AI best practices. The conference will tackle responsible AI with a panel overseen by NBC Correspondent Jacob Ward. The discussion will feature speakers from companies driving innovative new use cases in edge AI, including Kenyan climate tech startup Amini’s Co-founder and CEO Kate Kallot, Useful Sensors’ Founder and CEO Pete Warden and WhyLabs Co-founder and CEO Alessa Visnjic.
  • Building next-generation healthcare sensors and algorithms. Steve Kent, the Chief Product Officer at Know Labs—an emerging developer of non-invasive medical diagnostics technology—will discuss novel sensor development to bring the first FDA-approved, non-invasive glucose monitor to the market, and how health technology companies can approach data collection and development methods to ensure success.

“I’m really excited about the Imagine conference. They have amazing people attending, and I know there is so much we can learn together,” said Mattel’s Chen.

“Edge AI is responsible for some of the most exciting developments in healthcare research and patient health management,” said Know Labs’ Kent. “I look forward to sharing with our peers how proven data collection methods and best practices, in conjunction with Edge AI, have the potential to transform the healthcare industry and empower patients on their journey to optimal health.”

Since 2021, Imagine has brought together the top business and technology leaders in edge AI to discuss how it is impacting industries such as climate and environmental impact, healthcare, manufacturing and science. Each year, attendees from companies like Walmart, IBM, Arm, Infineon and Google join from around the world to glean insights from professionals implementing edge AI on the ground, including embedded engineers, software developers in machine learning and AI, and tech enthusiasts.

Learn more and register for Imagine 2023’s in-person event at the Computer History Museum here, or register for the virtual event here.

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