Sunday, February 01, 2015
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Cynthia Nixon's portrayal of a woman and mother dying of cancer in the Sundance drama "James White" hit extremely close to home. The actress saw her own mother die from the disease in the same year she shot the film. Nixon said, "It's awful to have a parent die and to have you nurse them through their illness, but in some ways, it is also a very precious time. You realize how grateful you are for each other." Nixon agreed with the person who called it the anti-"Terms of Endearment" film.   [READ MORE]

Val Kilmer was rushed to a hospital this week after he began bleeding from the throat ... and TMZ says it was due to a throat tumor. Law enforcement sources say paramedics rushed to Kilmer's Malibu home Monday night after someone called 911 and reported the bleeding. The "Top Gun" star was taken to UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. Doctors performed surgery and he's currently recovering.   [READ MORE]
Big day for Leah Still -- because her father told us the 4-year-old stars a new round of chemotherapy this morning that will hopefully crush her disease so badly, she can finally begin stem cell therapy. Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still is out in AZ -- and told us that while the cancer is still in Leah's body, she's fighting like hell to beat it. Devon said, "We're just hoping for the best and just trusting in the doctors to their best for her."

Björk's latest album, Vulnicura, was such a personal experience that she compared it to opening herself up — literally — in a new interview with The New York Times. She said, "You feel like you're having open-heart surgery, with knives sticking in, so that everything is out, and you have this urgency and immediacy." Regarding the overwhelming resolution she felt to make the album, she said, "You feel like you belong to another power. It's not yours. It's like the universal heartbreak energy current...that is taking you hostage." The singer explained that the album was largely influenced by her separation with her romantic partner, artist Matthew Barney — with whom she has a daughter — and that the album's first six songs are a chronological account of the breakup.

Motherhood is wonderful, but it's also exhausting—just ask Eva Mendes! Ryan Gosling's love attended the Hollywood Stands Up to Cancer event Wednesday with her family. The actress and new mom gave an emotional speech, too, sharing with the star-studded audience why funding cancer treatment research is so important. Mendes said "Each one of us in this room that is here tonight, we're here because someone in our family or someone close to us has been affected by this insidious disease.   [READ MORE]
The University of California, Davis, Medical Center in Sacramento said in a statement that a patient suspected of being infected with Ebola was admitted on Thursday. The statement provided no further immediate information about the patient, except to say that the individual was transferred on Thursday morning from Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento to UC Davis Medical Center with "symptoms consistent with Ebola infection.   [READ MORE]
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has introduced camera monitoring of workers in its highest-level biosafety laboratories as it seeks to restore public faith in its procedures after a series of mishaps, agency officials tell Reuters. One lab worker inadvertently risked contracting Ebola last month when they worked with the live virus that was supposed to have been inactivated, or killed.   [READ MORE]

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