Thursday, September 18, 2014
By Clip Syndicate
President Barack Obama issued an executive order Thursday telling his administration to hurry up and do something about drug-resistant bacteria, which pose a “serious threat to public health and the economy.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria kill 23,000 people every year, make 2 million more sick and cost $35 billion in productivity lost to sick days. CDC Director Dr.   [READ MORE]

Olympic skater Johnny Weir spins lies as easily as he performs triple salchows ... according to hubby Victor Voronov -- who's suing Johnny for accusing him of attempted rape and contracting an STD. Victor -- who's in the middle of an ugly divorce from Johnny -- filed court docs accusing Weir of spreading salacious lies during an interview on "Access Hollywood" to talk about their divorce.   [READ MORE]
The Obama administration on Thursday said 7.3 million people were up to date on their monthly premiums for private health plans under President Barack Obama's healthcare law as of August 15th. Republicans have long sought the number of Obamacare enrollees who have paid premiums as potential evidence that the administration's initial enrollment figures were exaggerated. The figure, which administration officials stressed was not an estimate of actual enrollment, could show that lower-income Obamacare enrollees are proving better than initially expected at retaining private health coverage acquired through new insurance marketplaces set up in all 50 states.

Managing Menopause
by Clip Syndicate
Sistina talks with Wendy Meyerson and OB/GYN Physician Dr. Stephen Brown about advice for managing menopause.   [READ MORE]
Shoppers crowded streets and markets in Sierra Leone's capital on Thursday stocking up for a three-day shutdown that authorities will hope will slow the spread of the Ebola outbreak that is accelerating across West Africa. According to figures released by the World Health Organization on Thursday, the Ebola outbreak sweeping West Africa has also touched Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria and Senegal, and is believed to have sickened more than 5,300.   [READ MORE]
Tom Brady: three-time Super Bowl champion, two-time Super Bowl MVP, shoe-in Hall of Fame quarterback, former intern. The Patriots' star quarterback posted a picture of his old resume, circa 2000, to Facebook on Thursday. Having been drafted extremely late in the 2000 NFL Draft, no doubt Brady wasn't totally confident about his future success in professional football. As you can see, Brady's previous work experience wholly consisted of summer jobs and internships, when he wasn't spending time as a starting quarterback for the University of Michigan.

You might call it a revolution, or maybe a remaking , but either way big data is changing the scale and scope of how doctors care for patients and how caregivers and insurance companies address community-wide health issues. Consider the statistics already in play. A recent McKinsey Company report traced the expansion of computer-based information systems, and the electronic medical records they create, in both the physician's office and the hospital.   [READ MORE]

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