C-Hear Invited to Prestigious Big Design Conference

DALLAS, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Continuing a breakout season on the stage and in the spotlight, C-Hear is proud to be included among the showcase companies at this year’s acclaimed Big Design Conference. C-Hear founder and CEO Adena Harmon will speak at this year’s event, to be held Sept. 20-21 at Gilley’s in Dallas.

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Hailed as a groundbreaking tech company and Internet disruptor destined to change how consumers hear pictures and transfer data, C-Hear in 2019 has also been awarded prestigious presenting platforms at South by Southwest in Austin and Dallas Startup Week.

“The Big Design Conference is for big brands and big ideas, and we’re honored to be included as part of this impressive event,” says Harmon. “It’s another in a long line of rewarding recognitions for C-Hear.”

The 12th annual Big Design Conference is a three-day event welcoming a variety of forward-thinkers from the worlds of innovation, technology and design. The event will feature 60 different talks from industry speakers, including Harmon and C-Hear. More than 1,000 attendees are expected from around the globe.

C-Hear’s revolutionary and proprietary Codec allows images to include audio annotation, deleting the need for long, slow-loading video files or insufficient static photos. Contracts and wills sealed verbally, images containing audio watermarking and friends simply sharing images with sound – eliminating additional texting – are only some of the C-Hear benefits to be highlighted.

C-Hear’s services will benefit not only the seven million visually impaired Americans using the Internet, but also clinical workflows in the healthcare industry, teachers, lawyers and anyone that – until now – has toiled sending separate video, audio and photo files.

A Dallas-based company launched in 2015, C-Hear was created for the purpose of delivering a small digital footprint file containing both image and sound. C-Hear’s revolutionary Codec will help the seven million visually impaired Americans “hear” images on the Internet, while also allowing health-industry companies and their patients a smooth transition into the age of ADA compliance. Recognizing that more than 30 percent of all websites (more than 87 million) use WordPress as their primary framework for the administration of content, C-Hear is developing a WordPress plugin set of widgets and templates. Having found its space snuggled between static images and fast-moving videos, C-Hear is proud to be a disruptive enabler of talking pictures.

Big Design Events is a non-profit organization focused on education, professional development, and community service for the creative and design communities in North Texas. Big Design is a way of thinking, not just an event. It’s looking at bigger pictures and sharing them, so we all grow through experience, wisdom, and the creativity of solving problems.

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