Well-Known Wall Street Analyst and Money Manager Charles Biderman Explains How Cannabis Led Him to a Healthy and Prosperous Life

Establishes Hawaii-Based Retreat to Teach Others How to Make Life Better Through Spiritual Awakening and Controlled Cannabis Use

HAWI, HI / ACCESSWIRE / October 10, 2019 / Charles Biderman is founder of TrimTabs Investment Research, which had been a bible to many of the biggest Wall Street investing names as a guide to better investing through its real time daily reports on the economy and supply and demand for shares of stock and money.

Biderman announced today he has opened a cannabis and spiritual learning retreat in Hawi, Hawaii as a way of giving back for the insights he has gained through spiritual training and controlled use of marijuana. At the Hawi Plantation House Retreat people learn how to use cannabis for health and spiritual wellbeing, as well as courses on how to achieve their goals in life.

Yes, this is an unusual venture for a man whose best known for his often prescient insights into the economy and the stock market. Biderman has been widely quoted in such top financial publications as Barron’s, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, and he frequently has appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg TV. He’s also used his research on supply and demand for stocks to launch a highly successful stock investment vehicle, and he’s made millions through a variety of ventures.

What’s not been known about Biderman, born and bred in Brooklyn to Jewish parents who came to the United States after World War II, is that after graduating from Harvard Business School with an MBA, he started using marijuana at age 25. It was a breakthrough, enabling him to lead a successful, healthy and prosperous life by alleviating the paralyzing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms he’d inherited from his Polish-born parents. Both had barely escaped with their lives after losing earlier spouses and children in the Nazi slaughter.

Biderman describes his own personal journey: “I was born into my parents’ firm belief that if you are Jewish, the world wants you dead, and the only way to survive is to make a lot of money. So, I talked my way into the Harvard Business School after graduating from Brooklyn College,” says Biderman, “because I believed that was the entree into the world of money.”

However, the MBA didn’t help his inherited PTSD. “Whenever I tried to do a deal, stress overwhelmed me; my stomach knotted up and twice I ended up in the hospital,” he said. “My spiritual breakthrough was due to a lady friend who smoked cannabis, turning me on to smoking regularly. Suddenly my stress level disappeared, and I was able to do successful deals. As a matter of fact, after starting to use cannabis regularly several times I created multi-million-dollar net worth.”

Participants in the retreat can choose programs of two days to twenty days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, using local, organically grown products, is included. In addition to the seminars by trained professionals, there are morning yoga sessions, daily excursions to the highly acclaimed nearby beaches, as well as hikes in the countryside.

Open to individuals, couples as well as groups, days are “organized,” says Biderman, “for you to have three important results by the end of your stay. First there’s a breakthrough in your personal spiritual awareness. Two, discovering what stops you from having all the love you want in your life. And three, how to use cannabis products for physical and mental healing and wellbeing.”

Supporting the case that cannabis can improve physical and mental health, Biderman points to an article in the Harvard Magazine reporting on an ongoing, five-year Harvard Medical School study about the benefits of medical marijuana for older people. The article says the study group of people ranging in age from their 50s into their 70s showed improvement instead of age-related decline in brain and cognitive functions, as well as improvement in mood and sleep.

To see a video about Charles, the program and the retreat go to https://hawiplantationhouse.com/.

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