The NDP Government’s Proposed Denturist Regulations Put Seniors at Risk

NANAIMO, BC / ACCESSWIRE / November 18, 2019 / The Denturist Association of BC (DABC) is demanding that the government amend the language of the published (August 2019) proposed amendments to the Denturists regulations.

Vancouver Island Denturist Allan Boos said, “the regulations are flawed by requiring denturists to have a prescription for modern denture treatments. There are countless examples of patients that are shut-in, they reside in a nursing home, hospital, long-term care facility or hospice and are in need of immediate treatment for their dental appliances. These patients are unable to make a trip out of the care facility to see a dentist.” Boos also noted that, “Denturists are specialist in denture care and can quickly assess the patients’ needs and develop a treatment plan. These non-surgical procedures can be addressed quickly without a dentist’s prescription. This has been the procedure in most provinces across the country. A prescription is an unnecessary burden for the patient and causes delays in treatment and additional costs for vulnerable individuals.”

In an August 30, 2019 Ministry of Health press release the NDP proclaimed , “The provincial government is posting proposed oral health regulatory changes with the intention of promoting more interprofessional practice, as well as providing more dental care options for people in B.C.”

Allan Boos, stated, “Denturist work in collaboration with dentists and other members of the dental health care community; however, this requirement makes no sense and is a roadblock for providing more dental care options to BC patients, something the government claims they are trying to accomplish with their proposed regulations.” The Ministers proposal does not recognise that many seniors in care are struggling with eating a healthy diet. Eating is impossible if the patient doesn’t have the ability to chew food.”

The NDP government has imposed a December 2, 2019 deadline for members of the public to comment on the proposed regulations. There will be no Legislative committee studying the issues and no ability for MLA’s to question dental professionals or other groups making written submissions. The final decision will be made behind closed doors by Ministry of Health bureaucrats and proclaimed by the Minister of Health Adrian Dix. The entire process lacks democratic principles. One MLA that sits on the Legislative Health Committee stated that, since the NDP formed government the Legislatures Health Committee has not had one meeting.

Allan Boos concluded that, “The government is making major changes behind closed doors. The process is not open and transparent and it should come under the scrutiny of an arms length watchdog like the Seniors Advocate.”


Jim Hart at 778.255.4250
Government Relations Specialist
Denturist Association of BC

SOURCE: The Denturist Association of BC

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