PHOENIX, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Digital mental health company, Bezyl, Inc. is collaborating with Ukrainian-based developer, Sigma Software for a world-wide release of the latest version of the Bezyl app, which builds mental strength and provides resources for assistance. The app will offer digital avenues for Ukrainians to build personal networks of support and find access to much needed humanitarian relief.

In response to the recent ruthless Russian attack on Ukraine and the resulting 10 million Ukrainian citizens being displaced from their homes who are now coping with extraordinary loss, both mentally and physically, Bezyl and Sigma collaborated on the development of a Ukrainian specific version of the Bezyl app to help Ukrainians get the help they need from each other and their global network of supporters.

Esther Howard, President and CEO, founded Bezyl in 2020 in response to the growing mental health crisis in the United States among military Veterans and first-responders suffering from PTSD. Ms. Howard, who has over 20 years in the clinical research industry, also adapted the app earlier this year to support cancer patients suffering from Cancer Related Depression (CRD), drawing upon her extensive career experience to address this issue, and giving clinical trial participants a digital platform to get the help they need and ultimately improve their mental strength as they navigate their health journey.

Howard comments, “The original plan was to globalize the company in 2023, but when the war started and Bezyl’s entire development team was displaced from their homes, the right thing to do was get the app translated into Ukrainian and available in every country possible.”

“After traveling to Ukraine last November to work with the Sigma team and build the 2022 product roadmap, we were able to witness firsthand, not only the beauty of Ukraine, but even more so, the genuinely friendly and passionate Ukrainian people.”

“Helping and supporting Ukraine to keep their economy stabilized is just as important as their ability to win the war. Aside from government support for the military, everyone can support Ukraine by continuing to do business with the country and finding ways to expand scope of work, thus injecting money into the Ukrainian economy.”

Bezyl’s collaboration with Sigma expands their development and global outreach capabilities and taps into Sigma’s broad expertise in design and business knowledge. Bezyl’s goal is to be the leading digital mental health company—a game-changing tool with a secure communication platform, enabling easier access to mental help. It’s a simple solution with massive potential for ending the mental health pandemic in our world.

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